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Charlie Farmer Mobile Market & Wholesale Prices 2024

Charlie Farmer's 2024 prices for premium, home-reared Dorset beef, pork, and lamb. Local Delivery for the finest cuts direct from Copse Gate Farm, West Dorset. Call 07812 075 781 for a taste of tradition and quality.

Secure your order, call Charlie on 07812 075 781.

Copse Gate Farm Produce Prices
Charlie Farmer’s Home Farmed Produce Prices 2024

A Taste of Local Dorset Beef:

Flavours that tell a story with every bite – A West Dorset beef selection promising a journey of taste, tradition, and the highest quality, straight from Charlie Farmer’s fields to your fork.

Stewing Steak500g£4.50
Lean Mince500g£4.00
Brisket Joint (rolled)800 to 1500g£10/kg
Silverside Joint (rolled)800-1500g£10/kg
Sirloin Joint (rolled)800-1500g£24/kg
Top-side Joint (rolled)800-1500g£18/kg
Rib-eye Steaks250-550g£30/kg
Sirloin Steaks250-550g£28/kg
Rump Steaks250-550g£22/kg
Fillet Steaks250-550g£40/kg
Short Rib Single pack700/800g£7.50/each
Burgers ‘Classic 1/4 lb’4 Pack£5.00
Burgers ‘Chilli 1/4 lb’4 Pack £5.00

Home Reared Dorset Pork:

Every cut reflects Charlie Farmer’s commitment to superior quality and the art of traditional farming, offering a taste of the countryside that’s simply unmatched.

Gammon (Home-cured) Joint Rolled800-1500g£9/kg
Gammon (Home-cured) Steak Rolled2 in pack£5
Pork chop 2 in pack£14/kg
Pork Shoulder (Boneless rolled)800-1500g£8/kg
Pork (Joint with skin – rolled)800-1500g£12/kg
Pork (Joint with skin – rolled)800-1500g£18/kg
Belly Pork4 x 4″ slices £3.50
Belly Pork (Cantonese Marinade)4 x 4″ slices£4.50
Pork sausages (Classic)6 pack £8/kg
Pork sausages (Lincolnshire)6 pack£8/kg
Pork sausages (Chipolata)700/800g£7.50/each

From Pasture to Plate: Home Reared Dorset Lamb:

Delicate, lush flavours of Dorset lamb, meticulously reared and carefully selected by Charlie Farmer direct to your dining table with unparalleled quality and taste.

Leg Of Lamb (Full/half)1-2 kg£20/kg
Lamb Shoulder500 g/1 kg£14/kg
Loin chop2 in pack£6.50
Lamb Chops2 in pack£5.00
Leg Steaks2 in pack£25/kg
Lamb Shanks2 in pack£10/kg
Minced Lamb500g pack£5.00
Diced Lamb300g pack£4 pack
Minted Lamb Burgers 1/4 lb4 in pack£6.00
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Charlie Farmer’s Copes Gate Farm Produce

As well as direct from the farm Charlie’s mobile market stall makes its fleeting appearances at various local locations in and around Charmouth, Bridport, West Bay & Lyme Regis.

Limited supply is available to the general public, West Dorset-based restaurants, stores and local campsites via Chalies mobile market.

If you would like to add your location with Charlie Mobile Market or reserve your order, use our contact form or call 07812 075 781

Follow our Facebook page or join our WhatsApp group for the latest specials and in-season produce.

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West Dorset Pork Reared And Sold Between Bridport & Lyme Regis

Charlie’s commitment to excellence extends from the moment his cattle are born to the point the pork reaches your table. He oversees every aspect, ensuring the animals are happy, and raised humanely and sustainably, resulting in meat that’s as ethical as it is delicious.

Charlie Farmer’s home-farmed Dorset pork stands as a testament to the harmony between land, animals, and community. Each cut represents the culmination of dedication, care, and a true love for delivered home-reared quality pork.

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