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Naturally Produced Dorset Lamb

The essence of the Marshwood Vale meadows with Charlie Farmer's naturally produced home-farmed Dorset lamb.

An array of cuts, from succulent leg of lamb to versatile lamb mince, all reflecting Copse Gate Farm's commitment to quality and sustainability.

Secure your order, call Charlie on 07812 075 781.

Charlie Farmer’s West Dorset Reared Lamb

We produce home reared meats for a broad local audience, including the general public, West Dorset-based restaurants, stores, and even campsites. All of this is made accessible through Charlie’s mobile market, bringing the farm’s offerings closer to you.

Charlie’s Naturally Produced Home-Farmed Dorset Lamb

Discover the exceptional taste of naturally produced home-farmed Dorset lamb with Charlie Farmer, whose commitment to quality and sustainability resonates through every step of the process.

Situated in the serene Marshwood Vale of Whitchurch Canonicorum, Charlie’s small holding embodies his dedication to providing top-tier lamb cuts from birth to plate.

A Taste of Dorset Lamb:

Charlie Farmer’s ethos of natural farming imparts a distinctive flavour to Dorset lamb. The tranquil Marshwood Vale’s lush surroundings create an ideal environment for raising contented sheep, resulting in a lamb that captures the flavours of wholesome, natural living.

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Charlie Farmer’s Copes Gate Farm Produce

As well as direct from the farm Charlie’s mobile market stall makes its fleeting appearances at various local locations in and around Charmouth, Bridport, West Bay & Lyme Regis.

Limited supply is available to the general public, West Dorset-based restaurants, stores and local campsites via Chalies mobile market.

If you would like to add your location with Charlie Mobile Market or reserve your order, use our contact form or call 07812 075 781

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Cuts of Dorset Lamb:

Charlie offers a range of lamb cuts to cater to different preferences:

  • Leg of Lamb: A classic choice, perfect for roasting to achieve tender, succulent meat.
  • Lamb Chops: These are versatile and ideal for grilling or pan-searing, offering a balance of lean meat and rich flavour.
  • Lamb Shoulder: Slow-cooked to perfection, the lamb shoulder becomes tender and rich, perfect for hearty meals.
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Mince for Versatility:

Charlie’s farm-produced lamb mince offers versatility and flavour. From crafting traditional shepherd’s pie to preparing flavorful meatballs, this mince enhances a wide range of dishes.

From Farm to Plate:

Charlie’s comprehensive approach ensures that every lamb is raised responsibly and ethically. This commitment to animal welfare translates into a lamb that is both delectable and sustainable.

With Charlie Farmer’s naturally produced Dorset lamb, you’re not just purchasing meat – you’re embracing a slice of Dorset’s countryside in every bite.

Whether you’re enjoying the tenderness of lamb chops, relishing the rich flavours of a slow-cooked lamb shoulder, or exploring the culinary potential of lamb mince, you’re savouring a harmonious blend of nature, quality, and care.

From the picturesque Marshwood Vale to the diverse lamb cuts gracing your plate, each piece of lamb encapsulates quality, sustainability, and authentic flavour.

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West Dorset Lamb Reared And Sold Between Bridport & Lyme Regis

Charlie’s commitment to excellence extends from the moment his cattle are born to the point the lamb reaches your table. He oversees every aspect, ensuring the animals are raised humanely and sustainably, resulting in meat that’s as ethical as it is delicious.

Charlie Farmer’s home-farmed Dorset lamb stands as a testament to the harmony between land, animals, and community. Each cut represents the culmination of dedication, care, and a true love for delivering home-reared lamb to the local community.

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